Throwback Thursday Poetry: In My Time of Dying

the days have grown beyond my reach
it appears my voice has begun to leak
listening to the Language of my Eyes
watching the distant Cries of my Mind
asking for the very last Sign
how shall i feel upon my Dark Demise
curious of my last days on the earth
what will happen during the time i die
will i continue to question my worth
will anyone notice as my body is dispersed
in the ashes my soul will lurk
until the last loved one no longer looks
at this moment, i am released
to the darkest of the deep
here i’ll stay
until existence withers away
and on that day
i shall be joined
by no one, that is to say
if i am alone on the final day

i would like to have peace
by the end of the road
but the way things are going
i just don’t know
if i will find happiness
before the end of my life
or if it will come
as i start to die
it would be ironic
to have the best day of my life
and fall with the Sun
back into the Sky
my life would end
as the Moon ascends
and the cries of the Night
would be gone out of sight
with no one to look or care
if the Divine Gift disappears
and the only one to think of me
is the voice inside Laughing

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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