The Virtue of Reaching Out

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Thrown to the ground

In nothing but a sheet

She shivers, trembles, and shrinks

Into the hot sand

Wishing, praying, begging that

it might swallow her whole

Harsh voices raising, roaring,

Accusing, Branding, Charging

Spit and spittle splatter

Flung against her face

Rock rumble in hungry hands

Waiting, wanting, to be thrown


He is there

Extending, Offering

A Hand

The Seven Virtues were created to combat each of the Seven Deadly Sins. These Seven Virtues first appeared tied together in an epic poem titled Pschomachia, written by Aurelius Clemens Prudentius, a Christian governor of the 400s AD. To battle Envy, there is kindness.

Image result for jesus and the adulterous womanKindness is the act of showing compassion or mercy to someone who may or may not deserve it. Kindness can be shown in small or large ways. This poem was inspired by the kindness that Jesus showed the adulteress in John 7.

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Brink of Day

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Whiskey Tales and Spells

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The dawn paints love notes

with words of emoted hue

Fine lines of arousal and 

promises of celestial view

Noon brings harsh light 

fading the denim of our desire

Reality hides in the acrid smoke

left in the wake of our carnal fire

Nightfall offers the comfort of shadows

where our kisses slowly melt

Knowing time ticks nonchalantly

as heart break is brutally dealt

©04/2019 (revised)

I am in the process of revisiting some of my earlier poetry — polishing a few while recognizing some are lost causes.  This is one I resurrected.

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