This is the place to learn about all of my nonfiction research projects. This page will get updated with more details over time. For now, here is a list of my different nonfiction projects that I work on a little at a time.

Supernatural Fiction in Media (Working Title)

I review and discuss the best in Supernatural Fiction from novels, films, comics, video games, television, and music.

Non-Traditional Theatre in History

I provide evidence that theatre occurred earlier than previously thought with non-traditional methods and how these methods have continued through history and evolved into Fringe Theatre.

Uncle Sam’s Nephew: The George M. Cohan Story

A biography of the legend who shaped Broadway Theatre into what it is today. The only man to have his statue erected in Times Square.

Some of my research requires access to archives which require fees, travel expenses, and time away from working full-time to pay rent and other bills. If you would like to help support my research financially, please Donate to my PayPal any amount you are able to give. Thank you for your support.