Here are a list of services James offers.  Pricing is negotiable.  Please submit the form on the Contact James Page.

Consultation – Pricing is negotiable.

Consulting in Business Startup, Project & Event Planning, Project & Event Finance Management, Digital Marketing/SEO, Writing Marketing Copy, Traditional Marketing, Publishing & Distribution (books, film, music), Brand Development & Management, Professionalism in the Workplace.

Digital Marketing/SEO – Cost depends on needs.

James will manage your digital marketing.  The more time you require, the more this will cost.  It is recommend to hire James as a consultant and do the work yourself.

Writing Marketing Copy – Cost depends on amount of copy.

Do you need copy for your website, brochure, or social media pages?  You can hire James to write, edit, and/or proofread your copy.  Strong copy makes for better marketing and drives sales.

Project & Event Planning/Management – Cost depends on needs, length of project or event, etc…

You can hire James to manage your event or project.  Events and projects are usually temporary so this does not require as much time as other services.  Again, the cheaper option will be to have James as an on call consultant and manage the event yourself.

Mediation & Negotiation Services – Cost depends on needs, length of negotiations, etc…

If you need an objective third party who will not benefit from the negotiation to mediate, James is available for hire.  These services do not involve choosing a side.  James will help both sides achieve their goals in the negotiation.

Incorporator & Statutory Agent Services (AZ only) – Starting at $75.

This service is primarily for Non-Profit Organizations but James can accommodate any business.


Also be sure to check out the VaudVil Shop for other items and event tickets available for sale.