For The Hook:

Pack is deft when it comes to balancing the plot and the characters, and the dynamic between his intriguing, flawed characters is authentic. Fans of gripping supernatural thrillers will be glad to sink their teeth in this one.” ~ Prairies Book Review

Pack creates a vivid sense of doom, deftly portraying an intriguing world of brutal slayings, centuries-old curses, deadly rituals, otherworldly beings, and ordinary people who are caught between these anomalies. Readers will be on the edge of their seats until they turn the last page.” ~ BookView Review

Penned with a gritty grace that blurs the line between reality and something far stranger than fiction, the surprises build slowly with a deft layering of suspense, weaving together different genres and themes, and fronted by an engrossing protagonist.” ~ Self-Publishing Review

For Corbin’s Catacombs:

“With each new piece, a new horrific detail is unveiled about the world—from djinns to werewolves to clowns to the fear you didn’t know you had.” ~ Toni Woodruff – Independent Book Review

“…a gorgeous demonstration of horror and things better left unsaid, a collection that summons the darkness within.” ~ The Prairies Book Review

For Black Chaos:

“This vulnerable confession in verse speaks plainly, with a prose-like storytelling to the poetry, yet poignant word choices and subtle enjambment create a consistent mood. Pack is transparent and fearless in his writing.” ~ Self-Publishing Review

A compelling collection. Imaginative and candid, the collection will stay with readers long after they turn the last page.” ~ The Prairies Book Review

For The Morbid Museum:

Pack treats his characters with care, the emotion he pours on them is obvious, and still being short chapters, he gets to give them depth.” ~ Mar Garcia – TBM Horror Experts

Pack’s powerful creativity and deeply dark mind make this a very worthwhile read.” ~ Self-Publishing Review

Pack demonstrates a unique ability of taking unexpected and sometimes-silly ideas and turning them into something dark and inventive.” ~ Jaylynn Korrell – Independent Book Review

Unsettling and visceral, this is a page-turner.” ~ Prairies Book Review