For Corbin’s Catacombs:

“With each new piece, a new horrific detail is unveiled about the world—from djinns to werewolves to clowns to the fear you didn’t know you had.” ~ Toni Woodruff – Independent Book Review

“…a gorgeous demonstration of horror and things better left unsaid, a collection that summons the darkness within.” ~ The Prairies Book Review

For Black Chaos:

“This vulnerable confession in verse speaks plainly, with a prose-like storytelling to the poetry, yet poignant word choices and subtle enjambment create a consistent mood. Pack is transparent and fearless in his writing.” ~ Self-Publishing Review

A compelling collection. Imaginative and candid, the collection will stay with readers long after they turn the last page.” ~ The Prairies Book Review

For The Morbid Museum:

Pack treats his characters with care, the emotion he pours on them is obvious, and still being short chapters, he gets to give them depth.” ~ Mar Garcia – TBM Horror Experts

Pack’s powerful creativity and deeply dark mind make this a very worthwhile read.” ~ Self-Publishing Review

Pack demonstrates a unique ability of taking unexpected and sometimes-silly ideas and turning them into something dark and inventive.” ~ Jaylynn Korrell – Independent Book Review

Unsettling and visceral, this is a page-turner.” ~ Prairies Book Review

For Men Are Garbage:

I think artist James Pack delivers some concepts of the male experience that have been lost in the shadows of the #metoo movement.” ~ C. Young