Tuesday Poetry: Nature

throughout the year four seasons pass
they cycle with order
unable to break from the grasp
of the wicked nature
dreaming of taking freedom fast
but they lack the power
condemned to repeat their droll tasks
they sulk without favor

Poetry Monday: Words

i’ve spent a lifetime searching for words
words for fun; words for play; the right words
the words i write are usually bad
sometimes they are great; sometimes they’re sad
i put too much thought in words i say
thinking of words makes me lose my way
sitting here alone with only words
i’ve spent a lifetime searching for words
time to stop searching; it’s time to speak

Land of the Free; Free to Die

This selection is from my newest collection of poetry, Black Chaos. Click Here to Purchase. Visit the Black Chaos Page to learn more about the collection and see select reviews for the book as well as other purchase links to several platforms including Nook and iBooks. There will be a new poem from the collection every Saturday and Sunday in April in celebration of the book’s release and National Poetry Month. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Land of the Free; Free to Die

We lose work in a crisis
The pandemic kills business
What do we do when we can’t
Afford food or pay our rent
Will the rich finally care
I don’t think they ever will