Flashback Friday Poetry: Escape to Reality

welcome people to my dream
perhaps now all of you will see
all the craziness inside of me
is caused by my own deformity
and i can’t escape the reverie
Damned in this Hell i might just be
i’m asking someone to set me free
freedom from my own insanity
’cause i am my own worst enemy
and i won’t live through this travesty
if my mind just keeps on pushing
this goddamned soul with the false belief
that he might actually be something
if he tries hard enough to make the scene
he’s lost all will unfortunately
so he’ll rot in Hell for eternity
but i don’t believe that’s my destiny
so i will make the stand if you please
my life won’t go to the pits of Hades
i’ll go and conquer the seven seas
so if you’ll excuse me i must leave
it’s time to live the reality

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Throwback Thursday Poetry: Tiny

i am the man with the tiny hands
tiny hands for a tiny man
they may be small but they beat the rest
these hands of mine they pass the test

i am the cheat with the tiny feet
tiny feet for the tiny cheat
though they are small i beat out the rest
these feet of mine they are the best

i’m smaller than most; bigger than some
the whole idea, i’ve grown numb
i’m average in the eyes of the wise
ugliness i see through my eyes

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

What’s New Wednesday: Aug 5

It’s a new month and we’re getting closer to being finished with the year from Hell. What’s new with me? I’m hoping to move into a new apartment by the end of September. I also need to catch up on my reading as I’ve gotten a few new books. What’s new with the blog? Well every Saturday this month I’ve scheduled some Protest Poetry. This is my version of nonviolent resistance with the current events happening in the United States. A couple of these poems are unpublished so this is the first time anyone will read them. I’m excited. Are you excited?

As usual, I have all my other poetry posts and Wacky Wednesdays will continue. I’m focusing on a few other holidays for the Coffee and Contemplation segment. I enjoy having some coffee and talking about these things. I also plan to have one post detailing some of my work I post on here. I want to explain what’s new and what stuff is old and I plan to never post again once I get through it all. I’m curious to know what you all think. Do you want to see more of one thing and something different? The goal is to continue building up this blog until I have at least three posts every day. That’s a lot for me right now. So, tell me what’s new with all of you.