Corbin’s Catacombs

20 poems
Coming This July.

Take a tour with Iphigenia Corbin through her ancestral catacombs. She is elegant. She is French. She is…a Baku, a creature that eats the nightmares of mortals. Discover the dark and haunting things inside her private collection that only a Baku could assemble. Will you experience the poetic nightmares?

Praise for Corbin’s Catacombs

“With each new piece, a new horrific detail is unveiled about the world—from djinns to werewolves to clowns to the fear you didn’t know you had.” ~ Toni Woodruff – Independent Book Review

“…a gorgeous demonstration of horror and things better left unsaid, a collection that summons the darkness within.” ~ The Prairies Book Review (Read More)

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