Flashback Friday Poetry: Untitled

Children flying in the skies
Hiding from my eyes
Ignoring all the lies
Listening to all the cries
Don’t ever let them realize
My life is wrong in your eyes
Oh how the children cry
Little tears come from their eyes
Easier to pretend it’s not real
Still it happens
The children don’t know
Everything to them is unknown
Ripe young children, come play with me

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Do People Still Play Board Games? & Gays and Lesbians Are Just Like Straight Men

Do People Still Play Board Games?

Let me sum up my love life
I meet someone, and we get along
We share many interests
I suggest hanging out or a date or something
I’m immediately ignored and avoided
Rinse and repeat
Express interest and get ignored
Sometimes I just want a friend
But everyone keeps avoiding me
I’ll see these people months or years later
They say hi and are nice but nothing more
They don’t acknowledge ghosting me
I guess I wasn’t their type

Gays and Lesbians Are Just Like Straight Men

I have heard gays
And lesbians
Use the same lines
As straight men
The cheesy pickup lines
The inappropriate comments
I’ve heard them say
To men and women
They could fuck them better
Than their spouse
In front of their spouse
I’ve heard of women raping women
And women raping men
And men raping women
And men raping men
The problem
Isn’t just with men

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.