Twofer Tuesday Poetry: I’ve Worn Glasses Longer Than You’ve Been Alive & Persona Non Grata

I’ve Worn Glasses Longer Than You’ve Been Alive

I got my first pair of glasses when I was two
Unlike most small children I kept mine on
I heard all the names and the jokes
Four eyes, goggles, bottle caps, nerd
I’ve had glasses for 30 years
People still think these jokes are new and funny
As I get older, my eyesight improves
The prescription gets better
Everyone else’s eyes are getting worse
Those who made fun of me now need glasses
Poetic justice

Persona Non Grata

There was a time
When my core group of 
Friends were lesbians
And drag queens

No one before
Ever made me feel
So accepted

It’s a different culture
From the rest of

But I feel like
An outcast
In any culture

I feel like
A fading dream
On the edge of
Everyone’s mind

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.