Throwback Thursday Poetry: A Child’s Nightmare

Happy Halloween!

“time for bed”
my mother said
“you have school in the morning”
she tucked me in
kissed me then
crept away silently
i laid there for a bit
and then the feeling hit
something was watching me
i sat up rather quick
turned the light on which lit
my room and i saw nothing
with a sense of relief
i try to go to sleep
but alas i still feel eerie
over to the closet i sneak
and i hear the door creak
then dive back in bed like a swimmer
oh it’s just the cat
“get out of here Matt”
it’s calm in my room once again
the closet door flies
and something skulks in
in fear i throw the covers over my head
i hear something breathing
i feel my heart racing
i hope i’m just dreaming again
the blankets get yanked off
in the air i am tossed
i land on the floor and crawl under the bed
something grazed my coat
my heart is in my throat
there’s something walking towards me
it’s feet have claws
which probably slice logs
it’s skin is slimy and black
i’m screaming in fear
but nobody hears
and the creature tries to grab me
another comes from the side
and another from behind
they drag me back to the closet from which they came
it’s dark in this place
can’t see my hand on my face
and several monsters are above me
their mouths are wet and slimy
“MOMMY!” i am crying
and like hungry lions they begin to feast

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Steve’s General Store & A Thought

Steve’s General Store

It’s a pit-stop store just outside of town.
Steve is the robot that works the counter.
With this job, a human would have a frown.
They all died; it’s been one hundred winters.
Steve carries on like a machine would do.
He completes his duties and tasks with ease.
Better work would only be done by few.
To pass the time, he straightens the pulleys.
A bell rings as someone enters the shop.
A young machine just under a meter.
He requests an oil can for his pop.
Steve picks up one from behind to barter.
The small mechanoid counts out some silver;
Into Steve’s hand, the robot delivers.

A Thought

Jumping – to-and-fro – 
Never lingering
To avoid – stagnation – 
Going everywhere
Going nowhere

Traveling through time
Bringing pleasure
Bringing pain – 
Oh pain
The great reminder – 

To be random
Is to daydream
To dream
Is to be free
But never free of me

Expert planning – 
Nefarious plotting – 
Forgetting where you left
Your keys – the ignition – 
The day started poorly

Whisked away
And forgotten
Only to be filled
Replaced – 
By another

As dreams – nightmares – 
Powered by a muse
A demon
Perhaps both – 

Do you
Control me – 
Or I you – 
The brain the mind the soul
What are we – 

You can’t trust me
When emotions are high
And self-esteem – low – 
I wouldn’t trust me – 

It’s harder for me
To disappear when you – 
Write me down – down – 
I don’t think I’ve
Ever gone up

Other times
You want to forget me
But – I don’t leave – 
Those are bad days – 
Haunted – by memories –

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Poetry Monday: Waiting for My Star Woman

It was many a year ago
When I ventured into a star
I met a beautiful woman
I could not bring myself to speak
There were many attempts I tried
I finally had the courage
She was gone from the star that day
I waited for another chance

The chance came but I was saddened
The beautiful star-made woman
It was someone else she was with
Another suitor won her heart
I let her go without anger
I sent her the best of wishes
I did not realize I loved her
I thought she cared nothing for me

After a few years had passed by
I went to see the star woman
She and her suitor parted ways
I wondered, should I try again
I asked her would she be with me
She was silent for a long time
I was certain she would say no
Why would a star woman want me?

She revealed she wanted something
Oh, how hard my heart was pounding
I wanted to spend time with her
But she was not ready for this
I’ve waited and waited so long
We still have not been together
She is so anxious and worried
But I’ll wait as long as I must

Perhaps it was too soon to ask
After her last relationship
She needs time to get over it
So, I wait until she’s ready
I hope she does not change her mind
But I trust her feelings are real
I will wait as long as I must
For my beautiful star woman

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.