Remember Movember

What is Movember? You’ve heard of No Shave November. Well, Movember is about growing a mustache for charity. Movember takes on the three serious issues facing men’s health: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. All forms of cancer are bad and that’s why it’s important to get checked out on the regular. Mental health is something that people need checked out often as well. Many men don’t discuss the things that bother them because they may feel embarrassed or emasculated. Check on your friends and see how they’re doing. Always remind them they can talk to or confide in you whenever they need.

There are a few ways to participate in Movember. You can grow a mustache for charity or donate to charity. You can walk or run a distance of 60 miles for each of the 60 men lost to suicide every hour. Or you can host an event to raise money for charity. The month-long observance started in 2003 and was founded by the Movember Foundation. It’s time for men to start building each other up and to stop putting each other down. It’s a bit late to do much this month but bringing awareness to men’s health should be a year-round endeavor. Stay safe and check out the Movember Foundation. They do cool things.

Hellpets – Part 9

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            “Don’t do that again. That was very bad. Bad Duke. Bad dog.” Charles said.

            “I’ve failed my mission.” Hinn said.

            “It’s not that bad.” I said.

            “I don’t deserve the air I breathe.”

            “Now you’re being over dramatic.”

            “They’ll send me back to the pit. I’ll be punished. Oh no! They’ll put me in…The Box. Not The Box!”

            “What’s the box?”

            “I should do the honorable thing and take my life.”

            “Slow down there pup. I think Hell would prefer bad dogs.”

            “I can’t do it. Will you? Just kill me. I have nothing left to live for.”

            “I mean, yeah, I guess. But it feels unnecessary. And probably messy.”

            “It must be done before the other Hellhounds find out.”

            “Everything’s gonna be fine. Relax. Drink some water.”

            “You don’t understand. I can’t go in The Box. I won’t. I’d rather burn in Hell than go in The Box.”

            “Well you’re made of Hellfire, so I don’t see –”

            “Ah! Who is that!? Don’t let it take me!”

            “That’s Ligur, my manager. He’s not here for you. Go sob over there so we can talk.”

            “What’s his problem?” Ligur said.

            “I’m…a…bad…dog! Ahahaha!”

            “Ignore him. He’s being a baby.”

            “Okay. Well all parties involved are pleased with this experiment so far.”

            “I’m not pleased.”

            “Is something wrong?”

            “Yeah, the Hellhound’s an idiot.”

            “Most of them are. Anything else?”

            “Why can’t you get someone else to do this?”

            “You have seniority. You’re the most qualified.”

            “Dammit. Hey, you ever meet a Hellhound named Amy?”

            “Ewe. He always smells. We’ve met. Why?”

            “He’s this idiot’s manager. I don’t like him.”

            “Neither do I.”

            “He’s too bossy. Is that normal for Hellhounds?”

            “It is for Amy. Though Hellhounds do have a more militant mindset to their ranks.”

            “How much longer do I have to do this?”

            “We agreed to give him the same training we give to all our new Hellcats.”

            “Then should he be running missions already?”

            “What do you mean?”

            “He went to collect a soul yesterday.”

            “That’s not right. He just left? Did he smell a dead body or something?”

            “No. Amy ordered him to go. He said it was Hinn’s first assignment.”

            “They were supposed to wait until his training was finished. I’ll have a word with Amy and his superiors. I should inform the elder Hellcats too. Let me know if they send him out again. And try to convince him not to go if possible.”

            “Should he know about this?”

            “The sobbing pup? I wouldn’t say anything yet. He’s probably being used but we don’t know for sure. For now, do your best with his training.”

            “Fine. But I’m gonna complain the whole time.”

            Ligue smiled before poofing away.

            “Did your friend leave?” Hinn said.

            “He’s not my friend, he’s my manager. Are you friends with your manager?”

            “Well, no, but no one likes Amy much.”

            “Yeah I figured that out.”

            “What should we do now?”

            “Weren’t you upset?”

            “Upset about what?”

            “Bad dog?”

            “Where!? I’ll fight him. Show me the bad dog.”

            “I lose braincells every time you speak.”


Thank you for joining me on my first attempt with serializing stories. Please tell me what you think in the comments. The Hellpets will return…or will they?

Flashback Friday Poetry: Friends v. Happiness

he has so many friends to call his own
a charming smile can bring cheer to all
but the Sun sets upon his empty Home

many ask for advice he has to loan
through his many gestures he stands so tall
he has so many friends to call his own

his broken heart that can never be sewn
he won’t allow it to whither and fall
but the Sun sets upon his empty Home

none would suspect him of feeling alone
when he’s around ev’ry one has a ball
he has so many friends to call his own

he’s not reclusive he makes himself known
he forces himself out not in a crawl
but the Sun sets upon his empty Home

he can’t sleep in the night he only moans
heard only by Ears hidden in the Walls
he has so many friends to call his own
but the Sun sets upon his empty Home

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.