Poetry Monday: The Insomniac and the Pen

Scratching doesn’t help the itch
No breath is deep enough
Nothing satisfies what my body wants
I feel everything creating a kind of numbness
Distractions can’t even hold my focus
I’m drifting without moving
Seeing with burning dry heavy eyes
Everything hurts a little more every day
Every day I move farther away from everyone
Words don’t come out right like before
Maybe they never came out right
Sometimes I wish I couldn’t speak at all
Would my silence make the world better
I doubt anyone would notice my absence

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Coffee and Contemplation: American Artists Appreciation Month

We’re coming to the end of August and I wish I had posted about this sooner. August is American Artists Appreciation Month. In simple terms, appreciate artists from the United States. This recognition is more for traditional artists with their work in galleries, I imagine. However, I want to recognize two artists who’s creations have shaped pop culture for over 75 years. The first is Bob Kane, co-creator of The Batman with the writer Bill Finger. They also created a number of Batman’s early villains. After retiring from DC Comics in the 1960’s Kane focused on fine art and had many works featured in galleries though many of them were completed by ghost painters.

The second artist I wish to recognize is Jack Kirby. He co-created Captain America with Joe Simon as writer-editor. In the 1960’s, he teamed up with Stan Lee and co-created the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Thor, the Hulk, and Iron Man. In the early 70’s, he left Marvel to work at DC where he created the Fourth World saga, to include characters such as Darkseid, Granny Goodness, Mister Miracle, and hundreds of others. Many of these characters are my favorites in all of comics and they don’t get much recognition in the mainstream. That is why I wanted to share my appreciation for Jack Kirby. Dear DC, I want to see more from the Fourth World saga.

Protest Poetry: Vampires

Our lives are drained by the
Shtriga witch
Which has taken the souls
Of immigrant children

It’s taken the souls
Black, brown, and yellow
Of immigrant children
No screams or bellows
How Columbia
Palisades the WASPs

These drained soiled bodies

Previously Unpublished