Throwback Thursday Poetry: Epiphany

my heart can’t take the pain
it’s too much to even explain
shit happens for a reason
won’t know why for six more seasons
feeling helpless and all alone
people wonder why i hate going home
missing the old days of youth
there was less concern for knowing the truth
hate consumes much of my time
i still tell people that i’m fine
i guess i am in some ways it seems
i feel i’m getting closer to my dreams
bad memories and good make me feel alive
they are my everlasting drive
i’ll make it in life after so long
thanks to everyone who has done me wrong
i mean it in the sincerest way
without you i’d have nothing to say

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Wacky Wednesday: July 29

For the final Wacky Wednesday of July, we have not two but three words. Well, one is more a phrase as it has two words. Anyway, our first word is a verb. Bibble means to eat and/or drink noisily. Many fictional characters have used this as their name including Sio Bibble from the Star Wars franchise. Our next word, Cabotage, is a noun. It refers to the right to operate sea, air, or other transport services within a particular territory. It’s pronounced like sabotage. Finally, we have Doodle Sack. This noun is another name for bagpipes. Simple but fun to say. Do you play the Doodle Sack?

Once again most of our national holidays today involve food. National Lasagna Day and National Chicken Wing Daymay not sound appealing together, but you can eat one for lunch and one for dinner. Chicken wings are commonly referred to as buffalo wings, hot wings, or just wings. Chickens have two wings per bird, but the wings can be broken down into a wingette, drumette, and a tip. Today is also National Lipstick Day. Lipstick was banned in British Parliament in 1770. It was called a devilish attempt to trick men into marriage. It has even been associated with witchcraft. Whatever your gender, try a little lipstick to feel empowered today.