Keys Reef Part 2

Read Part 1.

            Larcus sits on the reef trying to remember his past.

            “I know I was feared. I can feel it in my exo-bones. Why can’t I remember? Could my memories have been stolen?”

            “Figure out your master plan yet?”

            “It’s about time you came back, Doris. I’m having trouble focusing.”

            “That’s nothing new.”

            “I’m serious. There are things I can’t remember.”

            “I know, and some of your memories may never come back. I’m sorry.”

            “Was it you?”

            “Was what me?”

            “Did you take them?”

            “I didn’t take your damn worms.”

            “No that. My memories.”


            “Did you take them? Did you steal my memories?”

            “How would anyone steal someone’s memories?”

            “Why don’t you tell me since you obviously did it?”

            “No, I didn’t.”

            “Well, someone did. All the more reason for me to take over the world.”

            “No one stole your memories dear. At least not the way you think.”

            “What does that mean?”

            “I have to re-tell you this story every couple months because you always forget.”

            “What else did I forget?”

            “Many years ago, you had an accident. You got caught in a fishing net. Humans pulled you into their boat. You fought them off and jumped back into the water. You got sucked into the boat’s propellor. You healed but suffered severe head trauma and lost most of your memories.”

            “I don’t remember any of that.”

            “I know.”

            “You saw it happen?”


            “So, it’s no longer about world domination and power.”


            “It’s about revenge against the humans!”

            “No. No, it’s about healing.”

            “Vengeance will be mine!”

            “That’s not what I’m trying to say.”

            “Beware humans! You stole my memories, and I will steal your world.”

            “They didn’t steal…”

            “Beware you evolutionary inferior bipeds.”

            “With no memory of the several thousand years you’ve been alive, and you haven’t changed at all.”        

            “I will take your world by force and then take your memories. Hahahaha!”

            “How will you do that?”

            “By melting the…oh that’s what I was doing.”

Part 3 Coming May 21.

Keys Reef Part 1

            “Doris? Doris! Did you eat my worms and baby shrimp?”

            “You know I don’t like your food choices Larcus.”

            “So, my food just swam away, did they?”

            “Probably. You never pay attention to anything.”

            “I don’t like your tone. When I take over the world you won’t get to talk to me like that.”

            “I always talk to you like this.”

            “Let me guess, you think because I’m a lobster and you’re an alligator that you’re better than me.”

            “Here we go.”

            “Everyone will respect the lobster once I complete my master plan.”

            “And what’s your master plan?”

            “To conquer everything!”

            “And how do you plan to do that this week?”

            “I will melt the ice caps.”


            “The ice caps will melt raising the sea level, drowning millions of humans. Then the sea life will take back this watery rock. Hahahaha!”

            “And you expect all sea life to make you their leader?”

            “Well yeah. It’s my master plan.”

            “Some might resist you.”

            “Then I will crush them in my claws.”

            “Like that time you tried to crush Wallace the sea turtle?”

            “He hid in his shell which is the same as running from a fight. What a coward!”

            “Okay. Assuming everyone goes along with your crazy scheme…”

            “It’s not a scheme. It’s a master plan for world domination.”

            “Whatever. How do you plan to melt the ice caps?”

            “Well…I haven’t…worked that part out yet.”

            “I thought not. Why don’t you brainstorm some ideas while I pop up top for a little sun bathing.”

            “But I can’t think on an empty stomach. That’s why I wanted my worms and baby shrimp. We still haven’t determined whether you ate them or not.”

            “Where did you last see them?”

            “Yesterday right before I…oh. I guess I ate them yesterday.”

            “You are so dumb.”

            “Maybe you could get me some things while you pop up top?”

            “Get your own food.”

            “You never help me when I need it.”

            “Don’t be a dick.”

            “Fine. Leave. But if I starve today, it’ll be your fault.”

Part 2 Coming May 14.

Yuletide Aviary – Part 5

Read Part 4

            “What do you say we have one more round, Eh?” Jacob says.

            “I’m good for one more.” Thomas says.

            “How do you drink that stuff. It tastes so awful.”

            “With rum.”

            “Lutin? Two more drinks for me and my friend here.”

            Lutin pours another rum eggnog and pops the top off another bottle. The two birds sip and sigh together.

            “Any plans after the end of the season?” Jacob says.

            “Nah, going back home for a bit. Nothing special. You?”

            “Thought I’d take a trip down to somewhere warmer.”

            “Where to?”

            “Haven’t decided. I thought about Florida, but I’m okay with never going to Florida, Eh?’

            “I ain’t going to Florida.”

            “Anyhoo, I’ll find someplace nice and fly down for a couple weeks.” 

            “Sounds nice. Unless you’re just going somewhere to steal eggs.”

            “For Pete’s sake, Tommy, I don’t eat fertilized eggs. It’s like less than one percent of Jays that do that and they’re, you know, coocoo or whatever, Eh?”

            “Damn cannibal.”

            “Well, at least I don’t go pickin’ fights with my reflection?”

            “What the hell does that mean?”

            “It means you’re coocoo for fighting the mirror, Eh. You’d be great at hockey if we put mirrors on the players’ helmets.”

            “I don’t fight mirrors. There was another guy who just happened to look like me givin’ me the eyes.”

            “What eyes?”

            “You know? The eyes. Like he wants to fight.”

            “You always look like you wanna fight.”
            “’Cause guys like that always give me the eyes.”

            The door to the shop bursts open.

            “Good evening…gentlemen.”

            “Ah, jeez.”

            “Welcome back, Ben.” Lutin says.

            “Was I…here before?” Benjamin says.


            “Is Ben givin’ me the eyes!? You better not be givin’ me the eyes!”

            “I should have left after my last drink.” Jacob says.

            “I’ll be passing soon…very soon.”

            “Ah, jeez.”

            And so, it continues every night during our delivery season. A few birds gather in one of our shops as many others deliver toys and presents. These birds and elves who do all the work are the backbone of this holiday season. Most humans give me all the credit, especially the children. But I’m here to tell you Santa has never done it alone. Until next year. Farewell.