Coffee and Contemplation: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

This is a special day for appreciating the art that inspires us and moves us emotionally. It doesn’t matter if it’s music, painting, writing, or film, the job of the artist is to make people feel something. What are some songs, movies, art pieces, or theatre performances that have moved you to tears or laughter? What inspires your heart? If you don’t already, push yourself to go to an art gallery or theatre performance. You can view these virtually sometimes too. Read a book or write your own. Start whatever creative work you’ve been putting off. Or encourage a friend to work on their art.

Spend the day considering how art in its many different forms affects your life. Show that appreciation. If you have friends who create, show them some love. Buy their art. Write a review about their work. People don’t get famous without the help of their friends. If you don’t know anyone, share some of the works that are most meaningful to you with your friends. Share your favorite book, favorite musician, favorite film, or whatever else is your favorite thing. Share and inspire others. Leave the world with more art than you started with.

Snapshot Saturday: 8th Street

Welcome to the first Snapshot Saturday. I will share different photos I’ve taken over the years. I consider myself an amateur photographer. It’s more of a hobby right now, but I wouldn’t be against doing this for a living. It’ll be a long time before I choose to focus on that full-time. You can also see some of these photos and many others on my Photography Page. That page will change in the near future as I’m still getting watermarks on all my newer photos. Some of my older ones will remain as they are and I won’t be sharing them on these Saturday posts.

8th Street. Dec 2019. f/5. 1/200. 140mm

This photo is a street sign in a neighborhood where I used to live in Tucson, AZ. Not all the street signs in Tucson look this cool. I was fortunate to have clear skies when I took the photo making for an excellent solid color background. I used a Canon 75mm-300mm telephoto lens. I don’t currently have any photos for sale, but if you’re interested in this photo, please send me a message by going to the Contact Page.

Flashback Friday Poetry: Pessimistic Optimism

wondering what dreams may come
in this life that i’ve begun
lost within the Darkened Skies
that lurk above my hope-filled mind
how do i, in all this mess
keep myself from being stressed
i can barely stay alive
but nothing seems to kill my Drive
now what seems to be the end
is a starting point again
to take a new turn in life
dare to endure that awful strife
is the fight more rewarding
or the prize its regarding
Darkened Skies that fill my head
will remain there until i’m dead

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.