Throwback Thursday Poetry: Realization

i wanna go home
but i hate home
i just wanna be
in my place of serenity

the sounds of the universe
flowin through my brain
life hurts to much to think about
so i listen to take away the pain

my mother could care less
if i was dead or in a dress
my father has his problems
and her turns to me to help solve them

i’m pissed off and nervous
i don’t have much peace of mind
i wake up every morning
searching for all the things i cannot find

someone stop me
from falling
i can’t go on
i feel my death won’t be long

i won’t quit
until i breathe my last
i’ll keep going
even if i crash

it’s time for everyone to kiss my ass

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Wacky Wednesday: May 27

I’m bringing you a few more fun words for today’s Wacky Wednesday. See if you can find ways to use these words in regular conversation and mess with your friends. Our first word is one many of you may have heard before. Discombobulate means to confuse, upset, or frustrate someone. Many of you may recall when Robert Downey Jr portrayed Sherlock Holmes (2009) and he used the word a couple of times. It is also the title of one of the compositions from Hans Zimmer for the film. It’s a fun song with violins and harpsichords.

Bumptious is an adjective which means offensively self-assertive or proud. I’m certain we’ve all met someone who was overly bumptious. Most often I’ve seen drunks and young boys like this. It is pronounced in a similar fashion as scrumptious or conscious. Absquatulate is a verb meaning to leave abruptly or to flee or abscond. Imagine a thief running from a place they had robbed. I’ll have more words to share and I’m in search of fun wacky stories to share. If you have any, I hope you’ll share them with me in the comments. Remember to say hello to your local Wild Wacky Inflatable Tube Man.

Tuesday Poetry: Smash

When did smash
Become the go-to
Word for sex?
These teenagers
Talk about all they
Want is to 
Smash – 
With the use of
A word
They found a 
Way to remove
The emotion
And humanity
From something
Shared between
Two human beings
I’m not saying
You have to
Be in love
To have sex
But understand
Emotions are involved
Whether you
Want them to be
Or not
It’s still a
Shared between
Two people
But so many
Have to be drunk
Or under the
Of something
Or they must
Sneak something
Into someone’s
Drink – 
Sex is not so
Important that
You have to
Trick others
Or trick yourself
To do it
But it’s important
Enough to be
Taken more
Than something called
Humanity stopped

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.