Hellpets – Part 5

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            “What’s the point of this?” Hinn said.

            “It’s the best way to watch humans without them knowing.” I said.

            “Do you do a lot of watching through the window?”

            “It passes the time. And usually your human assignment doesn’t bother you.”


            “Don’t ask.”

            “Okay. What’s with that guy on the corner?”

            “He’s smoking and watching people.”

            “I didn’t know humans were on fire.”

            “What? No! He’s smoking a cigarette. That thing in his mouth.”     

            “Oh. Why?”

            “It’s a thing some humans do.”

            “What’s he doing now? Is he following that guy?”

            “Ooo nice. He’s a pickpocket.”

            “What’s that?”

            “A thief. He just snatched that guy’s wallet out of his pocket.”

            “A pickpocket? That diabolical fiend! I’m taking his soul to Hell.”

            “Woah! Relax. Put those teeth away. You don’t take anyone until they’re dead and you can’t kill them.”

            “Then what do we do? Just watch all this happen?”


            “That’s so…boring!”

            “You get used to it.”

            “How long have you been doing this?”

            “About 200 human years.”

            “That’s a long time. So, you’re like a human expert.”

            “I guess. Humans aren’t hard to figure out. They’re all pretty dumb.”

            “And you never collected a soul?”

            “No. That’s your job. I just watch them until they die.”

            “All the souls I collected were already dead?”


            “This is the worst job ever. I need action. I need excitement.”

            “Watch TV.”

            “What’s that?”

            “It’ll teach you about humans while I take a nap.”

            “How does it do that?”


            “Whoa. Humans are inside that box?”

            “Wow. You’re dumb. Let’s try something else.”

            “What’s this?”

            “It’s a cartoon. You’ll like it It has a dog that talks to humans. They solve mysteries.”

            “That’s so cool.”

            Praise Moloch. That should distract him for a while.

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Flashback Friday Poetry: The Ostrich and the Canary

“an interesting place to hold a race”
the Weasel said to the Badger
“i recall the dare of the Tortoise and Hare
which took place on this very track
but who will win in this battle of wits
the Ostrich or the Canary
the Canary can fly like wind in the sky
but the Ostrich can move swiftly
it’s tough to decide but i have my eye
on the Ostrich and his long legs
so will you take my bet? you will regret
that’s the fastest Ostrich in town”
the Badger smiled, “you are no liar 
that Ostrich can move fast on his feet
the Canary, however, is quite clever
he will have a trick up his sleeve”

the Canary and Ostrich had trained for days
and now the race was underway
“we’ll have a good, clean race now” the Bulldog said
they say cheaters get fixed in the end
the Announcer Yak’s voice boomed through the speakers
“the Ostrich has left us in dust
and the canary soared off with a large gust
it’s anyone’s race this match is tough”
soon the contenders were away from the crowd
it was just the two of them now
twenty minutes passed and still no words spoken
concentration would not be broken
the hatred they had grown for one another
they wouldn’t look at each other
quarrels and arguments broke out every night
this race would decide who was right

the said conflict occurred a fort-night ago
they decided that very night
the question of who was right would be answered
at the place the Hare lost his Will
the mighty finish line was upon them now
their feud would end in just a few feet
the crowd was screaming as they were neck and neck
who would win this dirty, Fowl bet
they moved so fast the world around them was slow
feathers and dust left on the track
as they crossed the line, the Ostrich stretched his neck
he won literally by a nose
the Canary skulked away in his defeat
the Ostrich chased down the small bird
“looks like i won the battle this time old friend
i just don’t remember why that is”

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Throwback Thursday Poetry: In Disbelief

i woke again this morning to see
that child just outside my window
she stands there and at the stroke of three
she walks off slowly into the dark

i lay my head upon my pillow
hoping that the young girl simply larks
i just cannot help but wonder though
is she out for something more than fun

as the sunrise now begins to start
i plot and plan for that time she comes
perhaps she passes by to the park
it is just a block straight down the road

i wait so patiently for the one
who haunts my fragile dream episodes
in the silence i hear the chilled hum
of the young girl i am frightened by

in the street for this girl i did bode
seconds later i had caught her eye
she smiled in such a somber mode
and vanished leaving me in the cold

as i stand there, my mouth feeling dry
this ghostly girl who was not very old
then it hit me; i began to cry
i knew now who this girl was to be

this story to you i have just told
will help you to understand maybe
the apparition that was so bold
was of me when i died years ago

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.