Snapshot Saturday: Guitar Amp

This is one of my favorite close up shots. I was shooting a live jazz concert while in Fairbanks, AK. I have hundreds of photos from that summer just from the live music events. Along with the performers, I shot many photos of their equipment and instruments like this one. I was still getting comfortable with the standard lens that came with my camera. I had many shots I deleted because they didn’t focus as well as this one. That was mostly due to me not having a steady hand while shooting. I’m much better now. This isn’t my favorite shot from that summer but it’s one of the best.

Guitar Amp. Jun 2019. f/5.6. 1/250. 55mm.

Snapshot Saturday: Friends

When the lockdown and quarantine first started in the United States in March 2020, I had so much free time that I wandered parts of Tucson to take photos. I cannot remember if this was on the University of Arizona campus or if it was just south of campus. I took many photos walking to campus and then many more while I was on campus. The palm trees in Tucson all blend together after a while. Though they weren’t anywhere near each other on the ground, from my perspective looking up, all these trees looked like a group of friends meeting for lunch. They didn’t get the memo about social distancing. This was one of many gorgeous days we had during lockdown.

Friends. Mar 2020. f/10. 1/200. 80mm.

Snapshot Saturday: Espresso

That’s right. It’s pronounced “Espresso” not “expresso.” This was taken during the Summer I spent in Fairbanks, AK. This particular espresso machine was from 1985 and was still used. Everything was manual. We had to use a thermometer to get the milk steamed to the proper temperature. And we had to count how long the hot water came through the grounds for the espresso shots. It was more time consuming than I liked. But the coffee always tasted good. This was from when I was still learning the best way to use my Canon Rebel T7i.

Espresso. May 2019. f/5.6. 1/200. 55mm.