Coffee & Contemplation: The Beginning

I am adding a couple new things to my blog. For you poetry lovers, I’ll soon start Twofer Tuesdays, where I post two poems in one post every Tuesday. Twice the poetry you get on Mondays. I have not decided if I want to bring back Hump Day Haikus. Currently, I just have not written enough haikus to make that a weekly consistent thing. Maybe I can do something once a month. For now, the only poetry item I’m adding is Twofer Tuesdays. If that’s not enough poetry, you can subscribe to my Patreon for $1 per month to gain access to my unpublished poetry before anyone else.

The other item I’m adding to my blog is posts like this one. Coffee and contemplation involves me writing out my thoughts while drinking coffee. Topics are only limited to things I think about. I may rant about society. I may tell you my favorite things. I may word vomit nonsense into the post and have no real agenda or purpose with the post. I’m trying to get myself to write more on my blog in between writing fiction and poetry. If you want to see more writing, tell people about my blog and my books. If enough people buy my books and subscribe to my Patreon account, I’ll make enough money to write full time. That’s the dream anyway.

My next book comes out September 19. You can pre-order The Morbid Museum on Amazon Kindle. Amazon does not offer pre-odering of paperbacks, but you can pre-order a signed copy of the paperback in my Shop. Visit the shop for more details. I also have a few events coming in October and November. I’ll provide more details once I have them. Until then, the best thing you all can do is share and comment. Tell your friends about me. If you’d like an advanced copy of my forthcoming book, I’ll email you a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. Reviews are what help writers succeed. Fill out the Contact Form if you’re interested. Happy reading.

Poetry Monday: Bouncer at a Gay Bar

I watched the back gate
Checking IDs
Watching for people
Who drank too much
This guy walked up to me

“So, you’re like
The backdoor bouncer, heh heh”

I stared at him

“Get it? Cuz it’s a gay bar
Backdoor, heh heh”

I stared at him

“Cool, I’m gonna go”
“That’s a good idea”

Another night
Watching the front door
Checking IDs
Watching for drunks
A woman tries to open the door
She knocks on the window

“Are you open”

I make a gesture
For her to pull the door
She looks at a friend

“I don’t think they’re open”

I walk over and push
With one finger on the window
And walk outside

“The handle stays locked
You just have to pull”

“But when you open a door
You turn the handle”

“And you pull”

“Oh, well I guess
I forgot that part”

Some people are stupid
Before the alcohol

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Throwback Thursday Poetry: The Reflection

i look in the Mirror
what do i see
i see something
that isn’t me
it is not
what i wish to be
i am not
happy with me

in my life
i have seen
many things
that haunt my dreams
feeling as if
i have nothing
knowing that
i have nothing

pursuing this Enigma
solving this Mystery
why don’t i
like me
asking questions
crying please
i’ll keep screaming
for all Eternity

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.