Wacky Wednesday: June 17

Continuing our fun adventure into strange vocabulary and days for celebrating food, we have another Wacky Wednesday. I hope you’ll all share with me any other strange words or strange holidays you find out in the world. And they can be from any country. Our first word today is Colporteur. This is a noun which means a peddler of books, newspapers, and similar literature. This can also be someone employed by a religious society to distribute bibles and other religious literature. The next word is Eucatastrophe. A noun which is the opposite of Catastrophe. In other words, it means a happy ending.

For our weird holidays, we’ll start with Global Garbage Man Day. We should always be grateful to the men and women who dispose of our trash for us. It’s a smelly job and you should always thank them. The remainder of our holidays center around food (like always). Today is National Eat Your Vegetables DayNational Stewart’s Root Beer DayNational Apple Strudel Day, and National Cherry Tart Day. That’s a lot of sweets. Good thing they tell you to eat vegetables too. I wouldn’t recommend eating all of that during one meal. Try to spread it out throughout the day.

Tuesday Poetry: Breathe

Breathe – just breathe – 
The panic will pass
The thoughts will pass
Everything will be okay
If you just take a breath
And think of your happiest memory
Or even a fantasy – 
Just breathe – 
Move around
Distract yourself
Stay busy
And stop the darkness
From consuming you – 
Inhale – exhale – 
The darkness never lasts forever

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Poetry Monday: Consider the Future

Sitting in a coffee shop
Writing on a notepad
Sipping glorious bean water
Feeling destroyed but also numb
I don’t want to be here anymore
And there’s nowhere to go
All exits lead to other
Places I don’t want to be
I sip the bean water
I write the words
Life continues around me
Without me
My contribution to the
Human condition goes ignored
Will they remember it
When I’m dead

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.