Flashback Friday Poetry: I Am Jaded

i am jaded
these are things you cannot see
my life should be traded
traded for nothing at least
i crawl through the desert
searching for something in me
no one will help me
help me or make me achieve

i am naked
in this illusional stream
wash away the pain
pain that infests within me
my life feels empty
because of the torture i’ve seen
my heart is bitter
as bitter as an untamable beast
all that i wanted
has been nothing more than a dream
and all that is given
is nothing but torment for me

i am the maiden
searching for true love’s company
into the fire
the fire of Hell where i’ll sleep
dreaming of whispers
that cannot penetrate the deep
with my sorrow
sorrow that never lifts from me

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Wacky Wednesday: June 10

For this week’s Wacky Wednesday, we have a couple fun words and a whole lot of things to celebrate. The first word is something we’ve all herd but maybe didn’t know the name for it. Borborygmus is a noun which means a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines. Whether pouring water from a cup or enjoying a bit of flatulence, we’ve all heard borborygmus before. Next is Callipygian which is an adjective meaning having a well-shaped buttocks. I’m sure everyone can slip that phrase into everyday conversation. Though I would avoid using it in the workplace.

There are several national holidays today. The first one is National Ballpoint Pen Day. The day celebrates the anniversary of the patent filing for the ballpoint pen on June 10, 1943. Prior to that, folks used fountain pens and pencils or quills. The other national holidays, like so many others, have to do with food. Who doesn’t enjoy food? We have National Egg Roll DayNational Herbs and Spices DayNational Iced Tea Day, and finally National Black Cow Day. Black Cow was another name for a Root Beer Float. It was traditionally made with vanilla ice cream and root beer though any cola beverage and any flavor ice cream can still taste delicious.

Use the new wacky words you learned. Write them with a ballpoint pen. Make some egg rolls with your favorite spices. Have some iced tea (I’m from the South and only drink sweet tea). And enjoy a Root Beer Float for dessert. This sounds like a good plan for the day.