National Life Writing Month

November is a busy month for writers. Not only is it National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), it’s also National Life Writing Month. Sometimes called Memoir Writing Month, the purpose of National Life Writing Month is to encourage people to write about their own lives. Who better to tell your life story than you? I have written small bits about my life for a couple years. I even put some of those writings together in my book “Mushaburui: A Mental Health Journey.” For those of you who read this blog often, you’ve read a few personal things about me from posts and from my poetry.

This month however, I’m taking a step back from myself in an attempt to focus on NaNoWriMo. Last November, I started writing what will become my first novel. I have only written short stories and one novella up till now. I did not meet the goal of 50k words last November. Then last April, with everyone in lockdown/quarantine, I wrote a bit more of my novel. I have about 55k words and only about 2/3 of the story written so far. My goal for this year’s NaNoWriMo is to finish my novel which might only be about 30k words.

I’m still not meeting the official goal of 50k during the month of November, but blog writing counts too, right? What kind of writing goals have you set for yourself for November? Are you writing fiction or nonfiction? Tell me in the comments. Or share a personal story of yours in the comments. And everyone out there pushing themselves a little more to meet their writing goals, good luck. I believe in you.

Coffee and Contemplation: National Author’s Day

As an indie author, it’s difficult to get the word out about my works. The best way to promote something is with money and most indie authors don’t have much to spare. One review can make or break our confidence because we get such little feedback. National Author’s Day was founded to celebrate authors for their hard work and contributions to literature. The publishing game has changed a lot since this holiday’s inception. It’s now easier than ever to have something published. However, it’s also more difficult to find financial success. It’s not easy scribin’ and vibin’.

If you know an indie author who’s struggling to fulfill their passions and dreams, write them a note or message saying how much you appreciate them and their work. Everyone needs a little encouragement, but writers need a little more to keep going. Writing can be a lonely endeavor. Sometimes it feels as though no one sees or cares about the things you create. So, prove them wrong and tell them what you think of their writing. Encourage them to keep writing and to never give up. It will mean the world to them. Believe me. Celebrate the authors you love and the one who inspire you as well. All authors deserve a little support.

Dollar Tales from the Morbid Museum: Creatures

The latest installment of the Dollar Tales series was released today and is available for download on Amazon Kindle. Purchase eBook Here. This eBook will be available for free download at the end of May as part of the Free eBook Fridays. Creatures features 4 short stories, one of which is previously unpublished. Tales of aliens, urban legends, science experiments, and giant turtles skilled in marital arts. These stories among others are to be featured in the full collection of short stories titled “The Morbid Museum.” The release date is pending. Be sure to check out the other books in the Dollar Tales series, “The Ghosts Inside” and “Flash Fiction.”

Welcome to the Creatures Exhibit. Visitors to the Morbid Museum seek the dark and twisted corners of the world. They are both terrified and intrigued by the unknown. Tales of killers, monsters, and madmen are curated by the Master of Death, Mr. Siris Grim. Mr. Grim collects the darkness that everyone attempts to hide and displays it within the corridors of his gruesome gallery. Who will be next to purchase a ticket and walk the halls of the Morbid Museum?