Snapshot Saturday: Butterfly

To go along with last week’s image we have another butterfly photo. I don’t have many images that are featured as a pair so enjoy this while it lasts. We are barely touching on the many photos I’ve taken over the last couple years. It will take us until September before I run out of what I consider my best shots. And there are many more after that. I also expect to shoot more between now and then. There are some amazing sunsets here in Tucson that I want to capture.

Butterfly. May 2019. f/5. 1/250. 55mm.

This is the first of the two butterfly images I shot in Fairbanks, AK. This was in the same sequence of shots as the last butterfly image. And just like the other image, I used the standard 18mm-55mm lens that came with my Canon Rebel T7i at purchase. This is my favorite of the two butterfly images because it features more of the wings than the first image. Also, the butterfly looks less judgmental than they did in the other photo. Which is your favorite of the two? Let me know in the comments.

Snapshot Saturday: Butterfly Two

We’re taking another step away from stories and poetry and words in general to enjoy something visual. A little photography to break up the boring words of this blog. And, of course, along with that photography is a lot fo words. You can’t escape the words! Anyway, here’s your weekly dose of my amateur photography skills. If you want to see more, check out the Photography Page. If you’ve been keeping track of all the photos I’ve posted for Snapshot Saturday, which is your favorite so far?

Butterfly 2. May 2019. f/5.6. 1/250. 55mm.

This is the second of two snapshots of a butterfly I took in Fairbanks, AK. It was chilling in a bush, minding it’s business. I took advantage of it’s lack of mobility and took a couple photos. I had not yet purchased another lens for my Canon Rebel T7i camera, so I had to use the standard 18mm-55mm lens my camera came with at purchase. The other butterfly photo will be featured next week. And yes, the butterfly is judging us all in this photo.