Flashback Friday Poetry: Peaceful Desert

the sky was dark as the moon shined
bringing only a whisper across the desert

the sand was calm as the wind lay silent
the cacti kept a watchful eye on each other

the earth was quiet with no creature roaming
clouds crept by as if to mystify

i wish my mind could follow the pattern
and hush itself with the dreamy desert

Throwback Thursday Poetry: Walk Through the Desert

walk through the desert
crawl over the sand
beware the lone gunmen
who’s on his last stand

the bushy eagle
with his false beak
calls you to fight
fight for the weak

in infamy lives the day
in which the battle first began
the enemy that attacked
seemed very glad

a lifetime has passed
and we worry no more of the threat
instead it is moral values
that cause us to fret

think more of what’s right or wrong
than who will hurt you
fear more the man
who stands back and guides you

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.