Flashback Friday Poetry: Truth in Dreams

in the still of night
one can find a sightless sight
by all one can see
sight is your worst enemy
no one hears you scream
trapped in the wake of a dream
your subconscious mind
lies the truth that you will find
to the pain that comes
you see false love is what numbs
your mind and your heart
emotions stop taking part
with a hardened chill
loss of love destroyed your will

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Caturday Poetry: Under the Cat's Eye Moon

The heart within my heart (Trapped within my
thoughts) Beats for you (Fantasies unfulfilled)
Even if yours does not (Obstacles
plentiful) Under the cat’s eye moon (As
many as stars above) I dream of
what was not (Nightmares relived daily) A
reverie of peace

(Healing takes time) Lighting up my eyes (Time
feels never ending) I can’t stop the 
smile you generate (The past directs
the present) A world without you
unimagined (And I’ve nowhere to run)
I destroy the thought before it comes (Stuck
in the circular dreamscape)

This beating heart of mine (Love is a 
fickle thing) Often falls for what can’t be
had (Fantasies unfulfilled)

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Dreams Never Lost & Superficial

Dreams Never Lost

She sits alone looking out towards the Sea
On a Cliff covered in black rocks and dirt
She knows only abandonment and pain
She’s a bitter Dream that was forgotten
She remembers being a young girl’s friend
This girl and her Dream were never apart
For many years, they went on adventures
For many years, they planned their own futures
As time continued on, they grew apart
The Dream’s friend, she grew into a woman
And focused her attention on herself
She gave up on her Dream for easier life
This Dream now lost with no place to belong
She sits on her Cliff angry and broken
Each day grows darker, each day she’s alone
She’s a calloused Dream who has no more tears
One day she’s approached by an old stranger
An old woman who’s more like a Shadow
It is her young friend from so long ago
She seeks one more chance to follow her Dream
Two bitter old souls coming together
They leave the Cliff for one last adventure


You ever see
A drag queen without makeup

It’s funny how
All those men can become
More beautiful than any woman

Even straight men
Call them beautiful

I think men
Are only attracted to
The makeup not the person

You shouldn’t have to
Paint your face
To get someone’s attention

Maybe if men view themselves as beautiful
They’ll think everyone else is beautiful

Drag queens without makeup
Are still

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.