Poetry Monday: When Hobos Come from the Shadows

I used my coat to hide
My head from the cold
I heard the sound of the interstate
As if a window was open
I opened my artificial cocoon 
And a shadowed face
Stared back at mine
He mumbled words
And I shook my father
In the driver’s seat
As he stirred, the shadow man
Took a pack of cigarettes
He mumbled more and tried
To take a bottle of pills
My father grabbed the bottle
And yelled, “No you can’t get high
It’s just aspirin”
The shadow man still reaching
Over me backed away
I shut and locked the door
My father and I
We collected ourselves
The man came back
My father stepped out
With a large, heavy flashlight
The shadow man asked for a light
One of the cigarettes he just stole
My father obliged, and the man left
I was 15 it was February
By interstate 40 in Albuquerque
There was a police station down the road
My father thought this bum came from detox
We got back on the interstate to Flagstaff
We never forgot to lock the doors 
When sleeping on the roadside

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Free eBook Fridays: February

For our first installment of Free eBook Fridays we have my most recent book “The Tommy Gun.” I self-published this novella on January 22 as an eBook and paperback. Today only, until midnight, the eBook is available for a free download. Once a month I will offer one of my eBooks for free in the hopes that those who download it will read it and write a review on either Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews are not mandatory, but an honest review will help promote my works and are greatly appreciated. Get your free copy before the promotion ends. Download Here.

I first wrote this book in November 2017 during the NaNoWriMo event, which means National Novel Writing Month. After editing the work, several words were cut causing it to go from a novel to a novella. Many traditional publishers will not publish anything below 70,000 words and this book is just under 50,000 words. I chose to self-publish and have already garnered more sales than my previous works. The paperback is not free, but I do plan to offer some paperback giveaways in the coming year. Below is the synopsis of the book. I hope you enjoy your free copy.

“Government corruption. Hate speeches. A country divided. The world Brent White knew is crumbling. He gets his call to action when a friend goes missing. He trains himself to become a weapon against the new dictatorship. He fights through criminals and concentration camps to find his friend and save lives. He becomes a guardian for the persecuted. To end the suffering, he must stop one person. The politician turned dictator. Ronald Teagun. The Tommy Gun.”