Poetry Monday: Consider Other’s Feelings

When you listen to others
Talk about attractive people
You think about the last time
Someone thought you were attractive
You realize it’s been so long
You don’t remember when it was

It’s never fun listening
And feeling alienated
By all your friends and crushes
Making you feel invisible
How would it brighten your day
If someone told you, you looked nice

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Poetry Monday: Feelings

Emotions are a curious thing
They come
They go
They fire you up
They break you down
They make you laugh
            Til your side hurts
They make you cry
            Til your throat hurts
They take you places
They can stop time
They can destroy your world
            Or remind you how great
            Things can be
But sometimes you wish
            You couldn’t feel a damn thing

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Feelings and Things

You constantly feel like your life is going up and down and sideways and slantways and forward and backward and you have just felt every emotion and it has only been a few hours since you woke up.  All these things happen to you in a short amount of time and you feel you have lived in lifetime in a matter of minutes.  Some days everything makes sense and other days you do not understand why anything happens the way it does and no one believes you when you tell them nothing makes sense anymore.

You spend days worrying about everything and it feels like your mind is about to explode then one little thing happens and your whole world changes.  It is difficult for you to explain this sudden change in the world to anyone so you do not even try.  You get that news you have been hoping to hear but never thought would come and even though you are finally having a good and happy day, you still cannot stop thinking about everything and all the things and too many things.  Fighting your mind is a never-ending battle.  Peace and calm is a foreign idea you may never find.

You know the slump will come back but you do not know when.  All you can do is try to force it back if you can and have little things in place that keep you up during the time you constantly feel down.  Sometimes getting a discount on a purchase is the only good thing that happened that day.  You count it as a win just to make yourself feel like the whole day was not a waste.  It is part of the constantly changing rollercoaster of your emotions.  Every day is something new and exciting and terrifying and you cannot stop from being excited and terrified about everything and all the things and too many things.  You feel everything.  You feel too much.