Flashback Friday Poetry: Peaceful Desert

the sky was dark as the moon shined
bringing only a whisper across the desert

the sand was calm as the wind lay silent
the cacti kept a watchful eye on each other

the earth was quiet with no creature roaming
clouds crept by as if to mystify

i wish my mind could follow the pattern
and hush itself with the dreamy desert

Flashback Friday Poetry: Emotional Prison

why is it so easy to build,
this wall that surrounds me.
why are so many willing to
give bricks to help it rise?
to make it thicker and harder
to enter, or escape –
i was willing to give so much,
but no one could return
or wanted to give back to me.
no one wants what i have.
so i will continue to build
this emotional tomb,
rusting away; feeding on hate

Flashback Friday Poetry: Friendship and Romance Part 3

Terra and Caelus longed to be with one another
but Sol continued to forbid it.
He saw Terra as a dear friend
and would not see her hurt by anyone.
Luna tried to convince him,
she told him Caelus truly loved Terra
but Sol could not see for his eyes
were shaded by Caelus’s past.

One night as Luna and Sol began their dance,
Caelus approached Terra.
He asked her if she would join him in the waltz
and she graciously accepted.
They started slow, gaining each other’s trust.
Before long, they were dancing circles
around Luna and Sol
and Sol knew they were meant to be together.