National Ghost Hunting Day

Have you been on a ghost hunt? I don’t mean a game or party favor. I mean a legit, real ghost hunt. To celebrate those folks who enjoy lurking in abandoned houses and old chapels, National Ghost Hunting Day was started back in 2016. It happens every year on the last Saturday of September. And what perfect timing as that’s right when spooky season really takes off. Folks at organize the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt. Their premiere event. They have satellite teams throughout the country to coordinate the coast-to-coast simultaneous hunt.

Visit their website to learn how to participate or volunteer for next year. If you’ve ever wanted to live one of your favorite Scooby Doo episodes, or if you’re a fan of the Ghostfacers from the Supernatural TV show, now you have a place to do it. Get yourself into the spooky season and check out this National Ghost Hunt. Even if you think such things are a hoax, you can still have a spooky time with friends. So, go out there and keep it spooky.

Poetry Monday: Ghost Light

I stand upon the stage
Protecting anyone who may enter
I don’t want them to fall
To be hurt walking off the stage
Literally – walking off the stage – 
I am one – a solitary light
With no companion except
A darkened theater
Though some believe
Ghosts roam the seats
And the catwalks
I’ve never seen them – 
A lonely task but
I execute my mission
Every night without
Breaking my resolve
Because it’s temporary – 
During performances
Or rehearsals
I sit in a corner
And allow
My tired wires to rest – 
And every night
My light shines bright
Watching over my stage
And theater – 
There is no business
Like mine

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.