Coffee and Contemplation: What Does the New Year Hold?

This is not a post about resolutions or any “new year, new me” nonsense. I prefer setting goals rather than resolutions. Goals are easier to attain and they are more flexible with the uncertainty of life. Goals can be adjusted and revised. There’s less pressure to achieve a goal as long as you’re working towards that goal. The accomplishment is still there. This is why people don’t follow through with resolutions. There’s too much pressure to sustain that resolution for the entire year. Making short-term achievable goals is more realistic than resolutions.

Many people try going to the gym for a new year’s resolution. After a few weeks, they stop going. I suggest you set a goal to eat healthier food and try to be more active. These goals are easier to achieve and you don’t have to focus on these things every single day. Goals are intended to start out small and gradually build. Maybe one year, going to the gym three times a week will be an achievable goal. But first you have to get yourself to that point. You can’t jump to the finish line. Life is never that easy.

I have a few goals of my own. These are things I’ve been working on over that past year and plan to continue. I’m saving money to one day get a down payment for my own house. It’ll be a couple years before I have enough saved so this is more of a long-term goal. I also plan to finish my novel this coming year. I have about 15 chapters left to write. That might seem like a lot, but I have 33 chapters finished. I’ve finished the majority making the finish more attainable. Those are just a couple of small things I’m preparing for the new year. What goals have you made? What does the new year hold for you?

Don’t Set Goals for the New Year; Set Goals for Life

As the year comes to a close, one reflects on everything that has transpired.  So many horrible things have happened and yet, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  I have nothing but a sense of hope for the coming new year.  I feel there will be more tragedies and horrors for the world overall but my personal life, my small world, my tiny existence is about to move into a place it has never been.  I cannot say exactly what I mean because I personally don’t even know what I mean.  Things will get better.

Here are some of the hopes, dreams, and goals I have for the coming year.  I hope to get a new job that does not involve working nights and hopefully pays well.  Arguing and wrestling with drunks lost its appeal many years ago and I hope to never work in a bar environment for the rest of my life.  With a new job that frees up my nights and weekends, I will perhaps have more of a social life.  Although, I’ve never been much of a social person due to my anxiety, but I will have the opportunity and that makes me happy.

Having recently finished the first draft of a novel, I know that my writing endeavors will evolve over the next year.  My skills as a writer are growing and there are several things I need to work on to improve but I have the tools I need to achieve this.  I feel I will surely have something published soon.  If not in 2018, I will definitely have something published in 2019.  I hope to have more blog entries starting with this one.  I will not make any promises other than writing more.  Less concrete goals work better for me.

I have always felt I would change the world with my writing but felt there were many obstacles and barriers preventing my achievement of this.  I believe I know what these barriers are and I have a plan for removing them one at a time.  It will be a long process but I will achieve my goals.  I want to mention that all these hopes and dreams and goals are not New Year Resolutions.  They are simply goals one sets in one’s life.  My New Year Resolution is the same every year.  Be awesome and feel sexy.  I meet this goal every day of every year.

I hope to bring some of my newly found skills in writing to you, the public of potential or aspiring writers.  There are many things I was told over the years about writing but no one could ever offer examples of how to achieve these things.  Sometimes I thought they were just regurgitating what others had always told them.  I have found examples of these common things to avoid and, more importantly, examples of how to fix them.  It will take some time to implement these changes but I feel confident that I will finally reach success.