I’ll be at the Mad Monster Party in July

If you’re not familiar with Mad Monster Party, I suggest you check out their website. This is a horror themed convention and I’ll have a vendor table. It’s happening in Glendale, AZ on the Fourth of July weekend. They have a great list of celebrities who will be in attendance. It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. What will I be doing there? At my vendor table, I’ll be selling copies of my book “The Morbid Museum,” a collection of short horror stories framed around a curator and museum of death.

I’ll have paperback copies and a few hardbound copies. I will also have an exclusive collection of spooky haikus available for those spooky poetry fans. “Haunting Haikus” has 23 haikus along with some images. It’s a quick read but fun. I will also have a few bookmarks for sale. These will have spooky themes like skulls, pumpkins, and witches. I’ll post some photos once I have everything collected and packaged. I’m still waiting on a few deliveries. I’ll post more details as I get them. If you’ll be in Glendale, AZ on the Fourth of July weekend, come to the Mad Monster Party, find my table, and say hi. I’m looking forward to hanging with my fellow horror enthusiasts. 

What’s New Wednesday: May

The biggest change we have on the blog this month is everything returning to normal. I will continue sharing my photography with Snapshot Saturdays. Wacky Wednesdays are back. And I continue reviewing the many book of supernatural horror and magical realism on Coffee and Contemplation every Sunday. I also have a new serialized short story coming every Friday in May. It’s titled “Keys Reef” and is about a lobster and an alligator that live together. I also have some exciting news coming about new stuff I’ll be selling in my store to include books and bookmarks.

I’ll share in more detail about the Mad Monster Party Convention which I’ll be attending in July. I’ll have a vendor table and will be selling books and spooky bookmarks. I’ll write a special post soon providing more details about this and some of the things I’ll be selling. I’m also trying to get a small collection of stories put together that I can offer as a free download when people sign up for my mailing list. I’m excited about that and I hope many of you are as well. I still have a lot of things to finalize before that is ready. There’s a lot of fun stuff going on and I hope you’re looking forward to is as much as I am.

Wacky Wednesday: May 5

Welcome back to Wacky Wednesdays! After a brief hiatus, we are returning to our trek into the world of 1920’s slang. We also have a ridiculous number of things to celebrate today. First, we have Bent Cars which refers to stolen cars. There’s also Big Cheese, or Big Shot which refers to “The Boss” or someone of importance or influence. There’s Big House when referencing jail and the Big One when referencing death. Sentences might sound like “He’s in the Big House” or “He bit the Big One.” I feel gangs and mobs used these phrases more than common folk, but I could be wrong.

For our holidays today, I’m going to list them off and you can do a bit of research if you’re interested. Cinco de Mayo is of course the most well-known. Check out this post I made last year about the Battle of Gettysburg. In the third paragraph I mention Cinco de Mayo (also known as the Battle of Puebla). Remembering the Battle of Gettysburg. We also have National Astronaut DayNational Cartoonists DayNational Silence the Shame DayNational Totally Chipotle Day, and National Hoagie Day. On the first day of Wednesday in May we celebrate National Skilled Trades Day and National Interpreter Appreciation Day. And finally, a holiday that changes annually, National Bike to School Day. That’s it. That’s all of them. I need to sit down after all that.