Caturday Poetry: Kitty Napping

The human laid out his clothes
Here I go napping, napping
To distract him from leaving

I have claimed him as my own
I did not give permission
So, I sit kneading, purring

He pulled the clothes from under me
Why, I cry, I have no redemption
He can’t leave without petting, petting

Is the food dish filled to the brim?
I don’t have enough water
So, I sit here starving, dying

As my human leaves
His punishment will be cruel
He’ll have to clean my droppings

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

World Poetry Day!

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In celebration of World Poetry Day 2020, I offer to you all a previously unpublished poem. Share a poem of yours or your favorite poem in the comments!

All My Keys Don’t Have Locks

Blue black barriers
You can’t talk to invisible monsters
Needles hold happy thoughts
Bottles carry the anger
Suitcases weigh two tons
Dreams only come true if you buy them
The kitty cat kicks around the conundrum
Who has time for fairy tale partners
The tattooed trees don’t speak anymore
Death’s doorknob dangles
The sidewalk’s grift is flawless
I want the boardgame to end