Poetry Monday: No One Cares How Small You Think Your Dick Is

I knew this guy
He always complained
And complained

Nothing made him happy

He called women evil
And called men pussies

“Hey man,” I said
“You got anything nice to say?”

“Fuck you!” He said
“You don’t know how hard my life is!”

He drove away angry
In his giant diesel pickup
With cab lights and rear light bracket
Stirring up dust and rocks
Making him feel like a big man

Too many guys are like that

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Men Are Also Sexually Harassed & The Bluest Eye

Men Are Also Sexually Harassed

Women think
Because I’m a man
I don’t know
What it’s like
To be harassed
I worked at 
A gay bar
For five years
I’ve been
Groped and rubbed
By men and women
One drunk idiot
He walked up to me
And said
“I just want to fuck you so bad”
I ignored him
He cried
All my time there
The only people
Attracted to me
Were either drunk
Or on cocaine
I still feel
Like unwanted

The Bluest Eye

I’m not handsome
My body is furry
I’m not what they call
“Man Pretty”
I don’t have abs
But I don’t have
The “Dad Bod”
I don’t have money
Or a nice car
My eyes are 
The color of shit
My glasses make them
Look too large
My hair is thinning
And already turning gray
People like my beard
But that’s all
Maybe they’d think
I was attractive
If my eyes
Were blue

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.