Poetry Monday: The Plumber

My mission is simple
to save the girl
while battling monsters
squashing their heads
and plants that spit fire
dodging the balls
guys hiding inside clouds
flying turtles
My mission is simple
I said before
kill the ugly Dragon
and save the girl

The Tales of Enderas: The End

now the world is right again
Enderas is safe within
Pixies are at bliss once more
with the old mischief of yore
the Unicorns have no cares
they breathe the fresh mountain air
the Dolphins are now banished
for being so treacherous
the Winged Horse fin’ly made peace
with His shame that He released
now with Enderas so grand
and order within this land
my long tale comes to an end
or does it merely begin?

From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

The Tales of Enderas: Dragon’s History

the Evil One was once Pure
good thoughts in Her mind for sure
until one day wandering
She found something alluring
none know what it may have been
but it changed Her heart within
driven by lust for power
Her heart Greed did devour
She began the War of wars
to which Righteousness did soar
Her campaign ended in blood
with the two of us in mud
She was once Pure long ago
until Her heart sank so low

The next poem in the series coming Feb 9. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.