Spooky Poetry: The Monster That Ate My Mommy

It didn’t eat her right away
The monster that ate my mommy
It lived with her for a long time
Taking a small piece now and then

She never saw it but I did
A smoke creature floating behind
With claws and fangs but made of air
Lurking with shadows and feeding

I warned her – she never listened
I cried when the monster ate her
I thought it would come for me next
It vanished like steam with a grin

I tell people the story of
The monster that ate my mommy
They don’t believe in scary things
Some of them have their own monsters

The black smoke waiting to eat them
Will I see mine if I get one
Do I have one eating me now
The same one that ate my mommy

Previously unpublished.

Throwback Thursday Poetry: A Child's Nightmare

“time for bed”
my mother said
“you have school in the morning”
she tucked me in
kissed me then
crept away silently
i laid there for a bit
and then the feeling hit
something was watching me
i sat up rather quick
turned the light on which lit
my room and i saw nothing
with a sense of relief
i try to go to sleep
but alas i still feel eerie
over to the closet i sneak
and i hear the door creak
then dive back in bed like a swimmer
oh it’s just the cat
“get out of here Matt”
it’s calm in my room once again
the closet door flies
and something skulks in
in fear i throw the covers over my head
i hear something breathing
i feel my heart racing
i hope i’m just dreaming again
the blankets get yanked off
in the air i am tossed
i land on the floor and crawl under the bed
something grazed my coat
my heart is in my throat
there’s something walking towards me
it’s feet have claws
which probably slice logs
it’s skin is slimy and black
i’m screaming in fear
but nobody hears
and the creature tries to grab me
another comes from the side
and another from behind
they drag me back to the closet from which they came
it’s dark in this place
can’t see my hand on my face
and several monsters are above me
their mouths are wet and slimy
“MOMMY!” i am crying
and like hungry lions they begin to feast

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.