Flashback Friday Poetry: A Satire

we are the Pearlites
we fight for what is Right
we see the Injustice
that overtakes our Seas
we conquer the Evil
that approaches our Reef

you claim to be Righteous
terror you say you Fight
you create more Danger
of which you try to Flee
you claim god Commands this
nothing breaks your Belief

we take on your Masses
we challenge with our Might
we defeat your Valor
betraying our own Creed
turning against our Code
with no Signs of Relief

Throwback Thursday Poetry: The Underwater City of Pearl Part 3

We’ve lived in the Bad Waters for centuries
Everyone you see is your enemy
We are the Crestations, the last of our kind
From the once all-mighty empire Crestine
We were conquered by the Pearlites divine
They were to destroy our wicked ways of crime
They would school us in the way to righteousness
On that path they deviated to a mess
A great war ensued from which neither could win
In retreat to this place is where we have been
When our forces are strong enough, we move in

For decades we’ve been fighting a lost cause
We could never withstand their great power
In days of recent, we’ve acquired help
A strange creature from the out-world has come
He sees their lies and fights with us as one
Though he’s not like us, his strengths are mighty
He took out a fleet in a few minutes
His hand-to-hand combat? Most impressive
Our numbers are few but with him we’re strong
We’ll take back our home with our righteousness
As the Pearlites did with us back then
Crestine will be restored to its glory
Unfortunately the battle’s gory
The blood on the spears and picks in the head
To obtain peace, most of us will be dead
How shall we feel upon our dark demise
Proud of the fact we gave our life for life
While the memory of us may be lost
The memory of our cause will live on
We die today so It lives tomorrow

Tuesday Poetry: The Underwater City of Pearl Part 2

The Pearlites are of a peaceful nature
But against Crestations it’s a bad mixture
The war they have been fighting for centuries
How it all started is still a mystery
One thing’s definite, they are true enemies
No hint of happiness in their memories
Guerrilla Warfare, they do not understand
The Pearlites militia is far too grand
They dominate the sea like a world power
Against their mite the ocean floor will cower
Happiness Crestations seek to devour

Many years ago, our land was still young
We conquered the sea with the help of none
Now this new enemy challenges us
They dislike our views so now we must fight
All we can hope for is our own success
Fighting all those who wish to conquer light
Hoping we don’t commence our own demise
Life would not end very well for the Skies
We protect them from these demons of hate
Sent here from the heavens to guard this place
The outside world may never know of us
But to keep them safe, that is out purpose
Despite our efforts the war is not ours
The enemy’s numbers are far too large
A legend speaks of a time such as this
It says we’ll overcome the great monster
At the heels of an outsider who will
Help us in our endeavor to prevail
Sending the enemy to the dark pit
This is evil’s home where wrong-doers go