Poetry Monday: The Sound of People’s Voices is Painful

Some people are afraid of silence
They feel the need to talk about nonsense
Or they like the sound of their own voices
I like the quiet – I thrive on silence – 
When these nonsense noise makers
Decide I should hear their story
It takes every ounce of courage
Not to scream for them to shut up and go away – 
They laugh at things which I find no humor
Maybe I’m broken – maybe you had to be there – 
I’d rather be known as a jerk that people avoid
Then have rambling idiots talk to me – 
I hear random conversations
I get headaches from the morons around me
So many use words they can’t define
Or claim to be an expert when they know nothing – 
I wish I could make everyone be quiet
At least when they’re around me
I want quiet

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Poetry Monday: People Are Irritating

Busy day
Walking around the borough
Exhausted – 
A quiet bus ride home
Ten minutes of silence
Perfection – 

“I seen some geese the other day.
They was flockin’ up.”

“Yep. I seen ‘em.”

Were these two guys
Talking before I got on – 
I thought one was a woman

“At first I thought
They was ravens talkin’
But they was geese talkin.’”


“They gettin’ fat.”


I just want the quiet back – 
One man gets off
The other says

“Are you ridin’ my back
Or am I ridin’ yours?
We’re friends now.”

The man getting off
Says nothing – 
Please don’t talk to me
Please don’t talk to me

We ride in silence
Until the other man
Gets off and thanks the driver

I miss having my own vehicle

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.