Snapshot Saturday: Butterfly Two

We’re taking another step away from stories and poetry and words in general to enjoy something visual. A little photography to break up the boring words of this blog. And, of course, along with that photography is a lot fo words. You can’t escape the words! Anyway, here’s your weekly dose of my amateur photography skills. If you want to see more, check out the Photography Page. If you’ve been keeping track of all the photos I’ve posted for Snapshot Saturday, which is your favorite so far?

Butterfly 2. May 2019. f/5.6. 1/250. 55mm.

This is the second of two snapshots of a butterfly I took in Fairbanks, AK. It was chilling in a bush, minding it’s business. I took advantage of it’s lack of mobility and took a couple photos. I had not yet purchased another lens for my Canon Rebel T7i camera, so I had to use the standard 18mm-55mm lens my camera came with at purchase. The other butterfly photo will be featured next week. And yes, the butterfly is judging us all in this photo.

Snapshot Saturday: Broken Glass

We continue our adventure with Snapshot Saturday. I share some of my best photos I’ve taken with my Canon Rebel T7i camera. And you all like the posts and maybe comment how much you like the photos. Or offer to buy many prints of them and I become rich and famous. But I digress. To view more photos I’ve taken over the years, visit the Photography Page. If you have questions, feel free to comment or send me a message through the Contact Page.

Broken Glass. Mar 2020. f/10. 1/200. 18mm.

This photo is from downtown Tucson, AZ. One of the storefronts had a broken window. This was a couple months before the riots that happened in downtown Tucson. It may have been cause from an accident or vandals, who knows? I used the grayscale setting on the camera and the standard 18mm-55mm lens that came with the camera at purchase. The cracks gave a really nice effect with the reflection in the window. This was a few days before quarantine officially started.

Snapshot Saturday: Bench

On today’s Snapshot Saturday, we have an exciting bench to show you. It’s a very special bench. I spent the Summer of 2019 in Fairbanks, AK. A friend of mine from middle school had bought an ice cream business and I helped get things rolling that first season. This is one of the many places people sat during their ice cream eating adventures. It looked so good with the pink background that I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Bench. July 2019. f/4. 1/250. 75mm.

I had only had my Canon Rebel T7i camera for a few weeks and was still getting used to all the features. This was when I first bought my 75mm-300mm telephoto lens and was very happy with the shots I could get with it. This was a super fun day of photo taking. I think it would make a good postcard too. Check out some of my other snapshots on my Photography Page. I don’t currently have any prints for sale but if you’d like one, please don’t hesitate to ask.