Poetry Monday: A Goddess in the Fortress of Screams

She sits in a fortress she made with her screams
            Longing for a chance to break free
Many visitors partake in the scene
            None notice her captivity
She talks with them about casual things
            She won’t ask them to set her free

I used to live in my own fortress of screams
            I want to help her achieve her dreams
She says she wants to escape and be with me
            But she is not ready to run –
I can’t force her out, so I must wait and see
            If she fights the darkness she breathes

Many months go by and she says nothing
            But I sense in her a longing
A desire to break the curse at her feet
            But the will to do so is weak –
She avoids my gaze but does not ignore me
            She won’t talk but won’t have me leave
She knows I will ask if now she is ready
            To break the spell and sail the sea

It was easy in the beginning to speak
            We’d be with each other it seemed
I wish I had never confessed my feelings
            Perhaps, grown apart, we would not be
I miss her, but she still feels so close to me
            It’s only her I want to see

I must have patience and understanding
            Ignore my ego and longing
            Think of her heart and feelings
Just as I did, she will break from her screams
            Her prison, she will finally leave
Only she can save herself from the darkness
            She must be the hero she needs

I tell her I’ll wait until she is ready
            I know this makes her happy
I want to be a positive influence
            To help her fight all her demons
She’s strong and beautiful and intelligent
She knows this but needs to be reminded
            She’s a goddess in a fortress
            She will break free when she’s ready

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Throwback Thursday Poetry: I’m Petrified

this hate inside
makes me realize
in my mind
and through my eyes
all i’ve tried
with all the sighs
all my life
i’m petrified

i’m scared to say
either way
these crazy days
are here to stay
hurt by rays
from the sun’s gaze
lost in flames
of purple haze

where to now
i wonder how
this long dark cloud
goes away
leaving me
in perpetual peace
nothing now
seems horrified

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Poetry Monday: Vampires Are Rapists

Why do vampires
Ask to enter your home
But they don’t request
Consent to bite
Your neck

Vampires are rapists

There’s penetration
And an exchange
Of bodily fluids

Requesting entrance
And requesting penetration
Are different things
Not all inclusive

If it’s not okay for humans
It’s not okay for vampires

If you say it’s okay
Because they’re monsters
Humans are monsters too
Stop justifying rape

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.