Tuesday Poetry: Hiding in Dreams

as i lay and surrender my sight
i think my final thoughts of the night
recalling the day’s events at times
imagining fantasies of mine
planning to leave Reality’s Dream
ascending to the sky on Moonbeams
through the Cosmos, one’s mind is gliding
sleep seems to be a form of Hiding

Poetry Monday: Love Lost

with a smirk and a giggle
you trap me in your gaze
i’d do anything for you
you set my soul ablaze
if only i could tell you
i’ve tried so many days

the celestial being
that you are in my eyes
you’ve never noticed before
this causes many sighs
i cannot make you notice
after all of my tries

though you are with someone else
i wish you could be mine
i’ll never ask this of you
to leave your man behind
i will never forget you
and you’ll never be mine

Black Chaos

This selection is from my forthcoming collection of poetry, Black Chaos. Click Here to Pre-Order. Visit the Black Chaos Page to learn more about the collection and see select reviews for the book as well as other purchase links to several platforms including Nook and iBooks. There will be a new poem from the collection every Saturday and Sunday in April in celebration of the book’s release and National Poetry Month. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Black Chaos

The black chaos
Drips on the page
Nightmares live in
Reality – 
I release the
Fears through my pen
They never leave
But they have lost
Their hold on me – 
A past mended
With ink and words – 
With my poems
I capture it
My depression – 
A reminder
Of what I was
When black chaos
Consumed my soul