Flashback Friday Poetry: Home is Your Creation

home is where the Heart is everyone knows
it’s the place you visit to regain Peace
but when you’ve lost your Heart, where do you go
running blindly through the Darkness so deep
the faster you run, the harder to Grow
They devour your Mind, yes every piece
the faster you Run the harder to grow
running Blindly through the darkness so deep
but when you’ve Lost your heart where do you go
it’s the Place you visit to regain peace
Home is where the heart is everyone Knows

Early poetry from James.

Tuesday Poetry: The Lovely One

A good night I wish to The Lovely One
I cannot ask for any more than that
Give her sweet dreams ’til the rise of the sun
Dear lord this is the only thing I ask
All of the nightmares and woes of the world
Keep them from her, I will take the burden
The Lovely One who has eyes like pearls
Spheres that the search of would consume most men
The dreams of my world I can give to her
If it is our lives she wishes to share
If this is her wish than I do concur
Who could deny someone who is so fair

My heart’s dear love I will never forget
From my death until the first time we met