Poetry Monday: Random Thoughts

Aardvarks are cool
when swimming the Mississippi
while reciting Red, Red Rose
running from a Rose of Sharon
Rocket Rollerblades are cool
especially with a Mohawk
except on Wall Street
but Kait and John don’t care
Pencils can be vicious
when you live in Paris, Texas
fighting Paris Hilton
with a bag of marbles
screeching from the page
words hushing reality

Random Poetry: A Moment Breathless

The light kisses their pale skin
I long to touch it
A moment frozen in time
Breathless – 
They cover their
Imperfections with darkness
I shine more light to see
Caressing in the moment
The warmth I give
Like the Sun to the Moon – 
Their body is perfection
Soft and strong
I hold them closer
We share our bodies
Like the Moon shares Sunlight

Previously unpublished.