Poetry Monday: Vampires Are Rapists

Why do vampires
Ask to enter your home
But they don’t request
Consent to bite
Your neck

Vampires are rapists

There’s penetration
And an exchange
Of bodily fluids

Requesting entrance
And requesting penetration
Are different things
Not all inclusive

If it’s not okay for humans
It’s not okay for vampires

If you say it’s okay
Because they’re monsters
Humans are monsters too
Stop justifying rape

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Poetry Monday: Castrate the Rapists

Explicit Content Warning

A group rallied
To make rape
I was angry – 
That night at work,
A female coworker
Said some guy
Said weird things
Then got her a drink;
A soda.
It tasted weird.
She didn’t feel well.
We kicked him out.
I have zero
Tolerance for
I’d rather
Have my dick
Cut off
Than force
Onto someone – 
I just want
To be loved

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.