Snapshot Saturday: Callie

I usually take photos of my cat with my phone, but I decided to use my Canon for this one. It turned out great. You can feel the contempt in her eyes as she glares at something she feels has offended her. To be honest, that’s just her face. I was also pleased with how well this turned out in a low light setting. Because of the uncertainty of a cat’s movements, I had to act fast with this shot. There were a couple others that didn’t turn out well. Perhaps one day I’ll have an official photo shoot with my grumpy old cat lady.

Callie. Nov 2019. f/5. 1/200. 41mm.

Callie is a rescue. I adopted her on February 10, 2018. She’s a senior cat. She sleeps a lot and doesn’t play much. This is good for me. All she wants to do is sleep on my lap or chest. That’s our bonding time. And we have disagreements about how much food in the bowl is considered “enough.” She sleeps in the sun and doesn’t eat the house plants. She’d be the perfect roommate if she paid part of the rent.