Wacky Wednesday: May 5

Welcome back to Wacky Wednesdays! After a brief hiatus, we are returning to our trek into the world of 1920’s slang. We also have a ridiculous number of things to celebrate today. First, we have Bent Cars which refers to stolen cars. There’s also Big Cheese, or Big Shot which refers to “The Boss” or someone of importance or influence. There’s Big House when referencing jail and the Big One when referencing death. Sentences might sound like “He’s in the Big House” or “He bit the Big One.” I feel gangs and mobs used these phrases more than common folk, but I could be wrong.

For our holidays today, I’m going to list them off and you can do a bit of research if you’re interested. Cinco de Mayo is of course the most well-known. Check out this post I made last year about the Battle of Gettysburg. In the third paragraph I mention Cinco de Mayo (also known as the Battle of Puebla). Remembering the Battle of Gettysburg. We also have National Astronaut DayNational Cartoonists DayNational Silence the Shame DayNational Totally Chipotle Day, and National Hoagie Day. On the first day of Wednesday in May we celebrate National Skilled Trades Day and National Interpreter Appreciation Day. And finally, a holiday that changes annually, National Bike to School Day. That’s it. That’s all of them. I need to sit down after all that.

Wacky Wednesday: March 17

For today’s Wacky Wednesday, we are starting with a new list of words. We now begin our trek into 1920’s slang. We’re bringing some of these terms back for the 2020’s. Many of these have short definitions so you’re getting many of them at once. First, we have Alderman which means a man’s potbelly. Next is Ameche (I’m not sure about pronunciation), which stood for a telephone. Then we have Ankle which has two meanings. As a verb is means to walk. As a noun is means a woman. And as a nice segue, our last word for the day is Babe which also refers to a woman.

For our holidays today, we all know it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m not going to get into the history or origins because there are a thousand other places you can find that info. If you don’t like research, we can’t be friends. Our token food holiday is National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day. This is appropriate for all the “Irish for a day” folks out there. I happen to be 10% Irish, so my celebrations have a different meaning this year. And finally, on the third Wednesday of March every year, it’s National Small Business Development Centers Day. SBDCs support entrepreneurs in the pursuit of small business ownership. Have a drink for the folks who’ve been helping small businesses since 1976.