Wacky Wednesday: June 17

Continuing our fun adventure into strange vocabulary and days for celebrating food, we have another Wacky Wednesday. I hope you’ll all share with me any other strange words or strange holidays you find out in the world. And they can be from any country. Our first word today is Colporteur. This is a noun which means a peddler of books, newspapers, and similar literature. This can also be someone employed by a religious society to distribute bibles and other religious literature. The next word is Eucatastrophe. A noun which is the opposite of Catastrophe. In other words, it means a happy ending.

For our weird holidays, we’ll start with Global Garbage Man Day. We should always be grateful to the men and women who dispose of our trash for us. It’s a smelly job and you should always thank them. The remainder of our holidays center around food (like always). Today is National Eat Your Vegetables DayNational Stewart’s Root Beer DayNational Apple Strudel Day, and National Cherry Tart Day. That’s a lot of sweets. Good thing they tell you to eat vegetables too. I wouldn’t recommend eating all of that during one meal. Try to spread it out throughout the day.

Wacky Wednesday: June 10

For this week’s Wacky Wednesday, we have a couple fun words and a whole lot of things to celebrate. The first word is something we’ve all herd but maybe didn’t know the name for it. Borborygmus is a noun which means a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines. Whether pouring water from a cup or enjoying a bit of flatulence, we’ve all heard borborygmus before. Next is Callipygian which is an adjective meaning having a well-shaped buttocks. I’m sure everyone can slip that phrase into everyday conversation. Though I would avoid using it in the workplace.

There are several national holidays today. The first one is National Ballpoint Pen Day. The day celebrates the anniversary of the patent filing for the ballpoint pen on June 10, 1943. Prior to that, folks used fountain pens and pencils or quills. The other national holidays, like so many others, have to do with food. Who doesn’t enjoy food? We have National Egg Roll DayNational Herbs and Spices DayNational Iced Tea Day, and finally National Black Cow Day. Black Cow was another name for a Root Beer Float. It was traditionally made with vanilla ice cream and root beer though any cola beverage and any flavor ice cream can still taste delicious.

Use the new wacky words you learned. Write them with a ballpoint pen. Make some egg rolls with your favorite spices. Have some iced tea (I’m from the South and only drink sweet tea). And enjoy a Root Beer Float for dessert. This sounds like a good plan for the day.