Random Poetry: A Moment Breathless

The light kisses their pale skin
I long to touch it
A moment frozen in time
Breathless – 
They cover their
Imperfections with darkness
I shine more light to see
Caressing in the moment
The warmth I give
Like the Sun to the Moon – 
Their body is perfection
Soft and strong
I hold them closer
We share our bodies
Like the Moon shares Sunlight

Previously unpublished.

Tuesday Poetry: Smash

When did smash
Become the go-to
Word for sex?
These teenagers
Talk about all they
Want is to 
Smash – 
With the use of
A word
They found a 
Way to remove
The emotion
And humanity
From something
Shared between
Two human beings
I’m not saying
You have to
Be in love
To have sex
But understand
Emotions are involved
Whether you
Want them to be
Or not
It’s still a
Shared between
Two people
But so many
Have to be drunk
Or under the
Of something
Or they must
Sneak something
Into someone’s
Drink – 
Sex is not so
Important that
You have to
Trick others
Or trick yourself
To do it
But it’s important
Enough to be
Taken more
Than something called
Humanity stopped

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Poetry Monday: His and Hers

She’s rough
                        He’s almost too big
She grinds on my hips
                        It hurts but feels good
The friction burns
                        That’s the right spot
She moans
                        Why does he make that face?
While I’m inside
                        He doesn’t like it
I can only think of
                        He doesn’t like me
The friction
                        He doesn’t like my body
I’m uncomfortable
                        I’m not sexy
I can’t satisfy her

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.