Tuesday Poetry: Silent Worries

I can’t find the words
Not the right words anyway
Do the words matter
Do the emotions matter
More often than not
Silence is the best option
But silence doesn’t resolve issues
Silence doesn’t fix things
Maybe it’s not about fixing
Maybe it’s about space – trust – 
No control or ways to help
Worrying about the unknown
It’s the not knowing
Imagination running wild
Tell me not to worry and I will
Tell me the issue and I worry less
Maybe silence is best
But silence makes me worry

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Poetry Monday: The Sound of People’s Voices is Painful

Some people are afraid of silence
They feel the need to talk about nonsense
Or they like the sound of their own voices
I like the quiet – I thrive on silence – 
When these nonsense noise makers
Decide I should hear their story
It takes every ounce of courage
Not to scream for them to shut up and go away – 
They laugh at things which I find no humor
Maybe I’m broken – maybe you had to be there – 
I’d rather be known as a jerk that people avoid
Then have rambling idiots talk to me – 
I hear random conversations
I get headaches from the morons around me
So many use words they can’t define
Or claim to be an expert when they know nothing – 
I wish I could make everyone be quiet
At least when they’re around me
I want quiet

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Pipeline of Madness & Silence is Chaos

Pipeline of Madness

Noises in the pipeline
Vibrate through the body
Restless – no comfort
When does the peace return
Echoes swarming the head
Melancholy – sigh
The light breaks through eyelids
Join the madness or die
With eyes burned –

Silence is Chaos

With so much noise in the world
One wishes for silence and solitude
When this is achieved
One wishes for companionship
A vicious cycle with no end
When is one satisfied
With what one has
When does all the noise
Become too much
When does one find peace
In a world filled with
Chaos, pain, and abundance

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.