Snapshot Saturday: In the Shade

This was taken near the end of March 2020. Quarantine had been in place for a couple weeks. I was experimenting with the black and white setting on my camera. This helped me get more familiar with many of the settings as black and white photos require different exposure from color photos. This was on Fourth Avenue in Tucson, AZ. I like this shot because you can see a person in the shade but you can’t see any details about the person. The desert is a great place to get those dark and like contrasts, especially on bright spring days. I would consider this my first venture into street photography as well. This is one of my favorite shots I’ve taken.

In the Shade. Mar 2020. f/10. 1/200. 55mm.

Snapshot Saturday: Identical

This was taken one day when I was wandering around the woods of the place I was staying in Fairbanks, AK. There were white birch trees everywhere I looked. This was a row of trees I saw next to a road. I enjoyed the visual pattern they displayed. I shot many different groups of trees but few caught my eye like this one. I wanted all of the trees in focus for this shot and am happy with the result. I feel this image would look good in black and white as well but I’ve never tried it in photoshop.

Identical. Jun 2019. f/29. 1/60. 36mm.

Snapshot Saturday: Horn

Another of the better shots I took during one of the live jazz concerts in Fairbanks, AK. There were many closeups of equipment and instruments that day. I personally enjoyed the perspective of which part of the instrument was in focus versus out of focus. I was still getting comfortable with the standard lens that came with my camera and wasn’t very concerned about the aperture setting. Part of me also thought different focal points was more artful. I’ve experimented with different settings and styles since then.

Horn. Jun 2019. f/5.6. 1/100. 55mm.