Tuesday Poetry: The Lovely One

A good night I wish to The Lovely One
I cannot ask for any more than that
Give her sweet dreams ’til the rise of the sun
Dear lord this is the only thing I ask
All of the nightmares and woes of the world
Keep them from her, I will take the burden
The Lovely One who has eyes like pearls
Spheres that the search of would consume most men
The dreams of my world I can give to her
If it is our lives she wishes to share
If this is her wish than I do concur
Who could deny someone who is so fair

My heart’s dear love I will never forget
From my death until the first time we met

Poetry Monday: Dreams in Love

Low and behold, the lovely one has come
How she teaches the torches to burn bright
Is this real or am I sick with rum
Hypnotized by such a beauty tonight
Here, within the sands of time, I must seek
A partner whom I will love forever
Her eyes so enchanting, I’ve become weak
Will I give her up for the world? Never
She is mine to behold, no one else’s
The powers of saints mesmerize her face
Before her, my life was full of messes
But now I’ve been blessed with her divine grace

This is just my dream; this is just my wish
Why do I have such feelings for a fish

Tuesday Poetry: Valentines Past

Valentine’s day has wasted me away
I cannot search for these things anymore
Is this a curse for me, I cannot say
Why could I not find what I had wished for
In days of old, I felt I was too young
To court or have relations with a girl
I was scared too and lost air in my lungs
They would walk by and my insides would curl
Experience lacked when I got older
I had never spoken to a female
Years went by; I began to feel colder
Sadness seemed the end of my lifelong tale

I grew wiser in years and felt less pain
Though lonely sometimes, sun shines through the rain