The Tales of Enderas: Dolphin’s Paradise

this is a wonderful day
the Ocean is where i play
on such days as this one is
of course this is where i live
so ev’ry day i am here
to swim to the beach so near
if only my friends could see
how much this land means to me
the beauty of the Coastline
the image i keep as mine
i would hate to see this lost
i would pay whatever cost
to keep my sanctuary
where this Dolphin is merry

The next poem in the series coming Jan 18. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

The Tales of Enderas: Faded Memories

Darkness in the land so cold
where all legends grow so old
tales of beasts that fought at night
as the sun fell out of sight
centuries passed so they say
myths and legends fade away
no memories to recall
they don’t exist after all
the Dragon and the Winged Horse
fairy tales and myths of course
but no light has shown since then
when Justice fought against Sin
a chill haunts this broken land
a place that once was so grand

The next poem in the series coming Jan 12. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

What’s New Wednesday: January 6

We are rolling in hot to the new year. And that means there are new writing goals as well. I hope to have a couple more serialized short stories in the future but no news in that area for the moment. Poetry posts will be a little different this month and part of next month. You probably noticed yesterday’s poetry post titled “The Tales of Enderas.” This is a poem series I wrote many years ago and the remaining Monday and Tuesday posts will be part of this series. I don’t have many poem series so this is fun for me. Perhaps it will inspire more of these. Also, I began writing  fiction for this same series using the poems to help outline my ideas. I may revisit this story and eventually post it on my blog.

Also, starting at the end of the month, I’m changing my Saturday posts. January 30 will begin the new segment Snapshot Saturday. I’ll share one or two photos I’ve taken and maybe describe each one. I’m finally taking some pride in my amateur photography. I have hundreds of photos to share as well. This will be an exciting new addition to the blog. I’m excited. Are you excited? I’m excited. For now, everything else is business as usual. There are two more installments of the “Yuletide Aviary” story so don’t miss those. Let me know how you feel about some of these new additions to the blog.